catalogue publishing software

Cadking design and develop affordable software.

We have a range of software which enables anyone to easily create and publish catalogues which are:-


    • platform independent

    • for Internet, Intranet, and CD-Rom
    • searchable
    • scaleable
    • modular
    • upgradable

The system works best with contents that need to be represented visually.

Simple catalogues can be created with the system, of scanned photographs, movies audio, etc. Any number of items can be added, and stored in you own defined category and sub category structure.

Catalogues can be made, or upgraded to be searchable if required, the system includes a powerful natural language search engine.

Advanced CAD/ (Computer Aided Design) visualisation catalogues can also be created with the system, which allow information such as product 3D models and materials to be retrieved and used sensibly in 3D virtual environments. The intention of these CAD catalogues is to enable designers to work interactively with clients to select products and view what these might look like in the virtual environment.

Visit the visualCatalogues home page for more detailed information, and to download an evaluation version or purchase the software.

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